Project Change

I know it is so cliche to make resolutions or promises to yourself on how you will change this time of year.  So, I have decided to give 2010 a theme.  I have decided that 2010 will be a Year of Change.  I have so many things I have been putting off until some later date.  I want to jump in all at once, but I am restraining myself.  That is change in and of itself.  I have a handy little plan and intend to work that plan.

I feel I am finally in a place where change is possible.  This past year freed me from diaper duty and my children are entering new stages of independence.  They no longer need me  It’s bittersweet.  Since my life is no longer focused on diaper duty and managing young toddlers, I am realizing that if I organize myself better, there is great potential in my days.  THAT is exciting.  The organizing myself better, not so much.

The biggest change I need to make this year is regarding discipline.  I need to acquire some.  Enter Project 365.  I won’t be posting here everyday, nor will I be uploading, but I am committing to getting my camera out and taking at least one picture everyday until next New Year’s Day.  My first picture, ironically because I didn’t realize it until today, is also about discipline.


Meet Izzy.  She is my new baby.  I got her from the local shelter on Saturday.  She is about 6 months old, we think.  Yeah, God kind of snuck this one in on me.  I’ve been wanting a smallish dog of my very own to have inside.  We perused Craigslist, but I decided that I wanted a shelter dog, they break my heart and I always want to take them all home when I see them.  This time I got to help just a little.  I can’t even tell you how much I love this dog and I am SO NOT A DOG PERSON!  I’ve always liked cats because they are there to pet when you want, but they mostly keep to themselves.  Then we had a few inside ones and I decided that while inside cats are nice, their litter boxes suck.  We now have outside cats.

So, back to Izzy.  I realized that she fits perfectly into this crazy acquire discipline thing.  Bottom line, I don’t like cleaning up animal poop or pee.  If I don’t discipline myself to take her out, I will do just that for a very long time.  So every hour, Izzy and I bundle up and take the trek to the potty spot outside.

Picture #2 shows just how well she fits in around here.


It also demonstrates our need for another couch in the basement.


And that is today’s picture.  Sums it all up.



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