I Can Relate

Last spring we planted gobs of tulip bulbs.  We had a few blooms last year, but figured that the real show would be this spring.  So patiently I have been waiting.  Ok, so impatiently I have been waiting for those gorgeous blooms.  And waiting.  And waiting.  You get the picture.  Now I will show you a picture of my glorious tulips.

Tattered Tulip

That’s it. One lone, chicken-pecked tulip. To be honest, I was a little peeved. And then it hit me, the wondering. I thought, This must be a little like how God feels. He planted all these perfect little bulbs in good soil and what He gets is a beat up, tattered blossom from the few bulbs who burst through the dark soil into the son-light.” Suddenly, I like my lone, tattered tulip.

Tattered Tulip

Blessings, Vicki

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Wife. Homeschool Mama. Blogger. Goal Setter. Aspiring Seamstress. Improving Gardener. Picture Taker. Social Media Fan. Wholeheartedly His.
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2 Responses to I Can Relate

  1. jenni says:

    What a beautiful metaphor! I can relate, too.

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