Not Quite Summer

The weather here can’t seem to make up it’s mind. A storm today brought in cooler air, after a few days of dog-days-of-summer heat. However, blessings still abound. Here are a few things I found myself feeling thankful for recently.

14.  Weeded flower beds.

15.  Freshly planted flowers.

16.  Squeals through the sprinkler.

17.  One on one time with my child.

18.  Cool breezes.

19.  Ceiling fans.

20.  Beach towels drying in the breeze.

21.  My favorite food for lunch (broccoli and bowties, though I now make it with rotini because I can get it in whole wheat).

22.  Encouraging music.

23.  Pretty journals.


and the back

24.  Checking things off lists.

25.  Sibling squabbles followed by immediate forgiveness and moving on.

Blessings to you,


holy experience

About Vicki

Wife. Homeschool Mama. Blogger. Goal Setter. Aspiring Seamstress. Improving Gardener. Picture Taker. Social Media Fan. Wholeheartedly His.
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