A Parenting First

In the almost eight years I’ve been a parent, I haven’t had a conversation like this one until this morning with Peanut, my sweet, spitfire of a four year old.

Peanut, looking through a book and naming the girls in the pictures – “Look at this girl.  I’m going to name her Ass and invite her to my party.”

Me – “Ass isn’t really a good name.”

Peanut – “Oh.  Sarah?”

Me – “Sarah’s nice.”

Peanut smiles.

Me – “Hey, Pea.”

Peanut looks at me with a sweet smile on her face.

Me – “Ass isn’t a word we use.”

Peanut, with an innocent smirk – “Oh.  Ok.”

This is our first experience with actual curse words.  Though I’m guessing it comes more from her general making words with random sounds than anything else.  Still, it caused me quite a chuckle this morning.  Out of the mouths of babes.

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