The List

One thousand is a big number.  I realized this around 503.  Here it is though.  This list is full of books to read, places to see, movies to watch and things to do.  I’ll let you know how it’s going periodically.  Some things are more private in nature and aren’t listed here on the blog (sorry).  And since you never know, if you can help me achieve some of the loftier goals (um, like, all the traveling ones), I’m not too proud to accept help.  I’ll even tell everyone about it.  Or not, it’s up to you.

One final thing, I had to hand number this ridiculously long list here on the blog, so around 200, my nice spacing runs out and we are lucky there are even numbers.  I’ll adjust as needed.

1.     Create a 1,000 things to do list
2.     Revise the list
3.     Complete a 1,000 things to do list
4.     Purchase a journal to record the completing of this list
5.     Use while checking things off this list
6.     Set aside $5 for every task completed on this list in special account
7.     Set aside $10 for every task NOT completed by my 40th birthday
8.     Inspire at least 5 other people to make a life list of any size
9.     Inspire at least 1 other person to be crazy enough to make life list of 1,000
10.    Make another list after completing this one (not necessarily 1,000 items long)
11.    Visit – Alabama
12.    Alaska
13.    Arizona – Hoover Dam
14.    Arkansas
15.    California
16.    Colorado
17.    Connecticut
18.    Delaware
19.    Florida – night shuttle launch
20.     – Key West
21.     – Miami
22.    Georgia – Savannah
23.    Hawaii
24.    Idaho
25.    Illinois – Chicago (again)
26.     – Oak Park – tour Frank Lloyd Wright’s houses by bicycle (
27.    Iowa
28.    Kansas – Little House on the Prairie
29.    Kentucky – Red River Gorge
30.     – Mammoth Cave
31.     – Natural Bridge
32.    Louisiana
33.    Maine
34.    Maryland
35.    Massachusetts
36.    Michigan – go skiing in
37.     – see a beach on Lake Michigan
38.     – go fishing in Lake Michigan
39.    Minnesota
40.    Mississippi
41.    Missouri – St. Louis Arch
42.    Montana
43.    Nebraska
44.    Nevada – Las Vegas
45.    New Hampshire
46.    New Jersey
47.    New Mexico
48.    New York – Niagra Falls
49.    New York City – Times Square
50.     – Central Park
51.     – Good Morning America Studio/Plaza
52.     – Trump Tower
53.     – Statue of Liberty
54.     – Ellis Island
55.     – Greenwich Village
56.     – Ground Zero
57.     – Radio City Music Hall
58.     – Hell’s Kitchen Flea Market
59.     – New York Public Library
60.    North Carolina – Asheville
61.     – Biltmore Estate
62.    North Dakota
63.    Ohio – Amish country
64.    Oklahoma
65.    Oregon – fly a kite in Lincoln City
66.     – see Crater Lake
67.    Pennsylvania – Hershey
68.     – Philadelphia – Liberty Bell
69.     – Independence Hall
70.     – National Constitution Center
71.    Rhode Island
72.    South Carolina – Charleston
73.    South Dakota – Mt. Rushmore
74.    Tennessee – Grandma & Grandpa Thompson’s new house
75.     – Knoxville Zoo
76.    Texas – Corpus Christi
77.    Utah – Salt Lake City
78.     – Great Salt Lake
79.     – Salt Flats of Utah
80.    Vermont – in the fall
81.    Virginia – Arlington
82.     – Jamestown
83.     – Yorktown
84.     – Williamsburg
85.     – Mount Vernon
86.     – Virginia Beach
87.    Washington – Seattle Space Needle
88.    West Virginia
89.    Wisconsin
90.    Wyoming – Old Faithful in Yellowstone
91.    Washington, D.C. – Capital Building
92.     – Pentagon
93.     – tour the White House
94.     – Library of Congress
95.     – National Mall – Lincoln Memorial
96.     – Washington Monument
97.     – Jefferson Memorial
98.     – The Smithsonian Castle
99.     – National Archives
100.   – The Supreme Court
101.   See all five great lakes – Superior
102.    – Huron
103.    – Michigan
104.    – Eerie
105.    – Ontario
106.   Canada – Montreal – Underground City
107.     – Prince Edward Island
108.    – Nova Scotia
109.   A white beach with clear waters
110.   Plan a trip for after 40th birthday using the special fund account
111.   Indiana – Take Andrew to see St. Mary’s College & Notre Dame
112.    – The Grotto
113.    – Indianapolis Zoo
114.    – Indianapolis Children’s Museum
115.   Visit all Indiana State Parks & Resevoirs – Brown County
116.    – Chain O’ Lakes
117.    – Charlestown
118.    – Clifty Falls
119.    – Falls of the Ohio
120.    – Fort Harrison
121.    – Harmonie
122.    – Indiana Dunes
123.    – Lincoln
124.    – McCormick’s Creek
125.    – Mounds
126.    – O’Bannon Woods
127.    – Ouabache
128.    – Pokagon
129.    – Potato Creek
130.    – Prophetstown
131.    – Shades
132.    – Shakamak
133.    – Spring Mill
134.    – Summit Lake
135.    – Tippecanoe River
136.    – Turkey Run
137.    – Versailles
138.    – Whitewater Memorial
139.    – Brookeville Lake
140.    – Cagles Mill Lake
141.    – Cecil M. Harden Lake
142.    – Hardy Lake
143.    – J. Edward Roush Lake
144.    – Mississinewa Lake
145.    – Monroe Lake
146.    – Patoka Lake
147.    – Salamonie Lake
148.   Visit Hillforest
149.   Visit Verastau
150.   Visit Indiana Beach
151.   Go to a Indianapolis Colts Game
152.   See Mt. Adams
153.   Visit Taft Museum of Art
154.   Visit Krohn Conservatory
155.   Visit the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Gardens with the purpose of looking at the flowers
156.    – photograph flowers and animals at zoo
157.   Newport Aquarium
158.   Visit a local winery
159.   Tour an ice cream factory
160.   Hike a mountain
161.   Go fly fishing
162.   Go canoeing
163.   Learn to ski properly
164.   Ski somewhere other than Perfect’s
165.   Learn to snowboard
166.   Have a picnic in the park
167.   Go horseback riding
168.- ride a horse on a beach
169.Take a train ride
170.Ride on a motorized scooter (again)
171.Rent a cabin for a weekend
172.Stay in a cottage
173.Stay in a house/condo on the ocean
174.Sleep under the starts
175.See a castle
176.Camp without electric
177.Have a permanent campsite for a summer
178.Find a natural shampoo that I like
179.Switch to all natural cleaners
180.Live without electricity for one week
181.Figure out our average electricity usage for one year
182.Cut our electricity usage by 10% for one year’s average
183.Figure out our average water usage for one year
184.Cut out water usage by 10% for one year’s average
185.Read a book on wind energy
186.Look into setting up a wind energy system
187.Read about solar energy
188.Look into setting up a small scale solar energy system
189.Spend a full month at home (no driving, excludes A’s work trips)
190.Live with one car for at least one month
191.Do a slow food experiment
192.Transition to a slow food lifestyle
193.Own/cook on a woodstove
194.Learn how to collect and filter rain water naturally
195.Successfully garden organically
196.Test our soil
197.Learn how to compost
198.Set up a compost bin
199.Get worms for our compost bin
200.Use compost in our garden
201.Find a good winter cover crop for garden areas
202.Create our own line of a chicken breed
203.Use clover as a winter cover crop
204.Try hairy vetch as a winter cover crop.
205.Grow and successfully harvest our own – grapes
206.- blueberries
207.- raspberries
208.- lettuce
209.- potatoes
210.- strawberries
211.- carrots
212.- onions (deer-proofing)
213.- beets
214.- garlic (deer-proofing)
215.- apples
216.- peaches
217.- beans
218.- heirloom melons
219.- black diamond watermelons
220.- sugar snap peas
221.Learn how to preserve beans other than green beans
222.Canning – tomato preserves
223.- tomato paste
224.- tomato sauce
225.- spaghetti sauce
226.- pizza sauce
227.- pickled baby beets
228.- corn
229.- butter beans
230.- blackberry jam (seedless)
231.- strawberry preserves
232.- peach butter
233.- apple butter (again)
234.- applesauce (again)
235.- pickles
236.- salsa
237.- strawberry, blackberry & mulberry jam
238.Grow a pumpkin patch
239.Grow/try to grow an edible nut tree
240.Plan how to utilize the space/ground we’ve been given
241.Put that plan into action
242.Naturally deer-proof our yard
243.- plant daffodils along perimeter
244.- grow lavender
245.- grow lamb’s ear
246.Start our own seeds successfully
247.Harvest our own seeds
248.Figure out/plan an herb garden
249.See if there is a biointensive gardening course in area
250.Grow herbs
251.- peppermint (deer-proofing)
252.- basil
253.- catnip (deer-proofing)
254.- rosemary
255.- thyme (deer-proofing)
256.- parsley
257.- chives (deer-proofing)
258.- yarrow (deer-proofing)
259.- sage (deer-proofing)
260.- purple coneflower
261.- hibiscus
262.- fennel
263.- lemon balm
264.- mullein
265.- goldenrod
266.Learn how to make herbal extracts
267.Make our own herbal extract
268.Grow a big enough garden to can our family’s food for winter
269.- for a whole year
270.Have a farm stand
271.Sell some of our seeds
272.Sell seedlings
273.Give away some of our harvest
274.Grow a flower garden
275.- grow carnations
276.- grow daisies
277.- a lilac bush
278.- tulips
279.- asters
280.- baby’s breath
281.- gladiolus
282.- dahlias
283.- freesia
284.- have a vase of fresh cut flowers daily for a week
285.- share a bouquet of fresh cut flowers each day with someone I love for a week
286.- grow flowers specifically for cutting
287.Learn how to grow lilies successfully
288.Grow lilies
289.- create a flower arrangement with my lilies
290.Plant 3 more trees in our yard (shade or otherwise)
291.- 2 more apple trees
292.- 1 plum tree
293.- apricot tree
294.- persimmon tree
295.- pear tree
296.- another cherry tree
297.Make – herbal tea
298.- cheese
299.- yogurt
300.- butter
301.- bread without the bread machine
302.- ice cream
303.- pie crusts
304.- saltwater taffy
305.- an apple pie
306.- a cheesecake other than oreo
307.- strawberry cheesecake
308.- chocolate cheesecake
309.- create my own flavor of cheesecake
310.- Thai food
311.- Indian food
312.- pretty/uniquely decorated cupcakes
313.Bake 10 new different kinds of cookies
314.Learn to make homemade chocolate pudding that tastes good
315.Make edible hummus
316.Make five recipes from the 52 Weeks of Ice Cream book
317.Become a morning person
318.Create a habit of starting my day with prayer/devotion time
319.Do a week long juice fast
320.Complete a fast for spiritual purposes
321.Go 1 month without television (including Wii)
322.- excluding Wii
323.Have a t.v. free summer with kids
324.Read the whole Bible
325.Read the whole Bible out loud
326.Build a collection of scripture CD’s
327.- play when kids color
328.Go on a prayer “retreat” with A
329.Spend a whole day alone praying, worshipping & being still
330.Do nightly devotions for one month straight
331.Devotion/Bible Studies I want to do – Beth Moore’s Jesus
332.- John
333.- Esther
334.- A Woman’s Heart, God’s Dwelling Place
335.- Exploring the New Testament – Walter M. Dunnett
336.- Max Lucado – Embraced by God
337.- A Glimpse of Glory
338.- A Thirst for God
339.- Book of Genesis
340.- Book of 1 Corinthians
341.- Book of Revelation
342.Give out three scripture books
343.Do The Love Dare with A
344.Create a scriptural prayer book for our family
345.Host a Bible study
346.Enter a poetry contest as an adult
347.Enter a writing contest
348.Be published in print
349.Participate in NaNoWritMo
350.Keep a daily journal for one month
351.- one year
352.Update the kids’ journal
353.- write a series of getting to know me type entries
354.- update at least once a month for a year
355.Journal prompts/ideas to use – Thursday Thirteen
356.- Make it Monday
357.- Tackle it Tuesday
358.- do each of these themes once a week for one month
359.Keep a monthly gratitude journal (add items as they happen)
360.Create gratitude or blessings journals with instructions and give to three people
361.Keep a daily list of blessings for one year (add 1/day)
362.Write – a fiction book
363.- a non-fiction book
364.- a book of prayers
365.- a book of poetry
366.- a haiku
367.- a 6 word memoir
368.- a sonnet
369.- a homeschool book
370.- a Bible study
371.- a fictional short story
372.- my health story
373.- a song
374.- a children’s book
375.- 50 articles in 1 year’s time
376.- 10 love letters to my husband
377.- 10 love letters to my Miss J
378.- 10 love letters to my Little Man
379.- 10 love letters to my Little Miss M
380.- 10 random notes to stick in people’s pockets
381.- a letter to someone I admire but don’t know personally
382.- a letter to someone I admire
383.- a letter to pick a bone with someone/unload
384.- burn the letter
385.- a letter to 5 people who made a difference in my life
386.- mail at least 3 of them
387.- a journal of unwritten letters never to send
388.- a love letter to myself
389.- a letter to my future self
390.- letters to myself to open in 5, 10 & 15 years
391.Set up an eHow account
392.- create a collection of 100 eHow articles
393.Look into for ebook selling
394.- write an ebook on how to
395.- write an ebook of
396.Find out how to do page layout for an ebook on the Mac
397.Fill a journal with inspirational quotes, lyrics and scriptures
398.Blog items – 10 random facts about me weekly for one month
399.- 10 of my favorite blogs
400.- 10 photography resources
401.- 10 homeschool resources
402.- create a mission statement/purpose for blog
403.Create a list of – 100 things I love/respect/admire about A
404.- 10 things I love about each family member w/in immediate family
405.- give or read the lists to family members
406.- 100 things I love/like about myself
407.- 100 lists I can make
408.- use as journal prompts or blog entries
409.- 10 strengths in me
410.- 100 random things about me
411.- 100 things that make me happy
412.- 100 things I remember about my childhood
413.- 100 questions for heaven
414.- 25 productive things to do when I’m bored
415.- 10 things I believe in
416.- 10 characteristics I admire
417.- 10 favorite movies
418.- 10 words I like
419.- 10 things about my faith
420.Create a binder for each child
421.- create a Wordle word art for each child to include
422.- create a top 10 list of favorite memories for each child & include
423.- do each year for at least 5 years
424.- put all the letters and mementos collected for each child in it
425.- have family members write a letter to each child to include
426.Sew clothing for me – shirt
427.- skirt
428.- pants
429.- flannel pants
430.Sew a matching set of clothing for kids
431.- pictures taken in them
432.Sew window treatments/curtains
433.Do a completely homemade Christmas
434.Use or purge all fabric in my five totes downstairs
435.Focus my hobbies and crafting down to less than 5
436.Master the chosen hobbies
437.Purge other supplies
438.Make a lamp
439.Make a coloring book
440.Make a magnetic board for each child
441.Make a unique bulletin board for myself
442.Complete a 1000 piece puzzle
443.Create a music video
444.Record a scripture CD for A
445.- J
446.- G
447.- M
448.- give scripture CDs to said family members
449.- me
450.Finish kids’ pajama pants
451.Make Baby Bear’s bed and/or clothes
452.Make a slipcover for the couch
453.Finish Y’s gift
454.Hem Mom’s fabric
455.Complete all the mending projects in my sewing “to do” box
456.Make B another pair of pajama bottoms
457.Make Br another pair of pajama bottoms
458.Figure out what to do with the polkadot sets
459.Make an outfit out of red/white whale fabric
460.- zebra print combos
461.- cherry set
462.Finish off the crab/fish red/green fabrics
463.- strawberry fabrics
464.- rainbow fish fabrics
465.Make girls each 3 pairs of shorts for summer
466.Make at least one matching shirt for above shorts for girls
467.Make G 3 pairs of short for summer
468.Make at least one matching shirt for above shorts
469.Use flannel fabric – blue robot
470.- pink cats/pink solid
471.- green animal
472.- blue/green planets
473.Teach J how to sew
474.Teach G how to sew
475.Teach M how to sew
476.Participate in a fashion show fundraiser
477.Make doll clothes for Erin & Jasmine
478.Use all cards in card tote
479.Study the Impressionist era
480.Learn how to paint an Impressionist era style painting
481.Paint an Impressionist style painting as a school project
482.Learn how to sew a fly in pants
483.Make A a pair of pants
484.Make a quilt (properly)
485.- make a quilt for each of my children
486.Learn how to use a serger
487.Learn to sew with knits
488.- make a t-shirt
489.- leggings
490.- a hoodie
491.Learn hand embroidery
492.- embroider a gift
493.- complete a red on white embroidery piece
494.Learn to make vests
495.- make Little Man a vest
496.Make or decorate ornaments for a gift
497.Learn to juggle with three balls
498.Learn to play bridge
499.- learn to play euchre
500.- learn to play poker
501.Learn to read a compass
502.Take a writing class
503.Take a dance class
504.Take a yoga class
505.Take a sewing class
506.Participate in a book club
507.Learn to play the piano
508.Learn to build a WordPress template
509.Make a live action movie
510.Make a picture memory slideshow type movie
511.Learn how to make a video on my iMac
512.Learn Raindrop Technique
513.Learn ASL basics with kids
514.Learn how to speak Hebrew
515.Learn to shoot a gun with great accuracy
516.Make a piece of furniture – book shelves
517.- table
518.Recycle an old piece of furniture
519.Decorate a room with only recycled or handmade items (excl. paint)
520.Finish in dining room/family room
521.Finish our bathroom
522.Have a clean house for 1 month
523.Convert current garage into living space
524.Hang pictures in our house
525.Repaint house interior
526.Finish our landscaping
527.- edge the driveway
528.- plant in front of fence
529.- create an outdoor room where we can sleep outside in summer
530.- use potted plants in outdoor landscaping
531.- plant along sides of house
532.- create a pull-off/parking space in driveway
533.Hang a bird feeder
534.Hang some planters with flowers
535.Hang/place some birdhouses
536.Hang/place some bat houses
537.Put up a bird bath
538.Organize our children’s toys
539.Have houseplants – just green ones
540.- grow tulips inside
541.- grow flowers inside successfully (excludes tulips)
542.- grow eucalyptus inside
543.Have an aquarium
544.Fill house with air purifying plants
545.Decorate the shelf above hallway
546.- our bedroom
547.- kids’ room #1
548.- kids’ room #2
549.- living room
550.- kitchen
551.- bathroom #1
552.- bathroom #2
553.- laundry room
554.Turn bar into 2nd pantry
555.Re-organize our closets
556.Seam downstairs carpet
557.Be debt free
558.Look into Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University
559.Pay off our suburban loan early
560.Pay off all credit cards left
561.Pay off our mortgage early
562.Create an emergency kit
563.Set up a file system for paper work
564.Find an organized way to displayed kids’ art
565.Have wedding dress cleaned and preserved
566.Build a full year’s living expenses emergency fund
567.Maintain personal savings at $1,000
568.Build our personal savings to a 10% yearly income base
569.- 25% yearly income base
570.- 50% yearly income base
571.- 1 year’s income base
572.Whittle our grocery costs down by 10%
573.Save money throughout the year for Christmas
574.Purchase a car with cash (when needed)
575.Save 15% of our income for 1 year
576.Commit to no shopping for 30 days (excludes gas)
577.- for 1 year (excludes gas & food)
578.- for 1 year including food (excluding gas)
579.Put $10/month in each child’s savings account for 1 year
580.Teach our children good money management
581.Model good money management
582.Put $100 a month into a dream fund for at least 1 year
583.Create a budget and stick to it
584.Track spending for 1 month
585.Cancel all but one credit card
586.Live within 70% of our income
587.Buy a coloring book just for me
588.- color the whole book myself
589.Go shopping with $1,000 cash to spend however I want
590.Buy a piece of jewelry to pass down to each child
591.Own a 50’s style polka-dot dress
592.Create a body that would look good in said dress
593.Own a great pair of sunglasses
594.Own a new pair of high heel shoes
595.- wear the new pair of high heel shoes
596.Buy a brand new outfit from underwear to accessories in one day
597.Do a unit study – based on J’s interests
598.- based on G’s interests
599.- based on M’s interests
600.- based on my interests
601.- based on A’s interests
602.Teach each of my children to read
603.- finish Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lesson with Julia (since it’s working)
604.Join HSLDA
605.Homeschool our kids through high school
606.Memorize the 50 state capitals
607.Learn how fireworks are made
608.Try geocaching with my kids
609.Create a lapbook with my kids
610.Catch fireflies with kids
611.Take a weekend away with each child
612.Teach a homeschool co-op class
613.Plan a group field trip
614.Plan a vacation with the kids
615.- research different locations
616.- plan things to do
617.- figure the costs
618.- raise the money for the vacation
619.Have a weekly family night
620.Write a play with the kids
621.- perform said play with kids
622.- invite people over to see kids’ play performance
623.Write a movie with the kids
624.- create a movie video with the kids
625.- do a red carpet movie premiere with the kids’ movie
626.To make WITH my kids – doughnuts
627.- soft pretzels
628.- monkey bread
629.- homemade cupcakes (no box mixes)
630.- homemade icing
631.- ice cream
632.- salt dough
633.- play dough
634.- pillowcases
635.- dress for girls
636.- pants/shorts for boy
637.- root beer
638.- ornaments
639.- milkshakes
640.Make a board game with kids
641.Make a terrarium with kids
642.Make or decorate – birdhouses with the kids
643.- picture frames
644.Go skiing with my kids
645.Go on a picnic with my kids
646.Hike with my kids
647.Play music as a family
648.Make paper dolls with kids
649.- create a wardrobe for each doll
650.- play paper dolls
651.Make a kite with my kids (
652.- fly it
653.Ride a roller coaster with my kids
654.Have kids finally paint the canvases they got for Christmas
655.- hang the canvases in their room
656.Take our children to a beach
657.- collect seashells
658.- fishing off a pier
659.- build a sandcastle
660.- read on the beach
661.Spend a day following the kids’ lead
662.Take a family vacation in 2010
663.Take family trip to Cedar Point
664.- Kings Island
665.Take our children – to an art museum
666.- to a high school football game
667.- to see a symphony concert
668.- to see a play
669.- to see a Cincinnati Reds game
670.- to see a Cincinnati Bengals game
671.- to see an Indianapolis Colts game, so they can see a REAL team play
672.- to see the main branch of the Hamilton County library system
673.- a circus
674.- to see dolphins
675.- to Wright Patterson Air Force base
676.- to a flight museum
677.- bowling again
678.Play Hungry, Hungry Hippos with my kids
679.Re-learn how to play chess
680.- play chess with my kids
681.- play chess with A
682.Play Apples to Apples
683.Play Scrabble with my kids when they are old enough
684.Play in a Scrabble Tournament
685.Host a game night
686.Attend a game night
687.See – a The Waltons seasons
688.- Andy Griffith Show series
689.Read one book a week for one year
690.Spend one hour per day reading for one month
691.Visit the local bookstore
692.I want to read – The Applause of Heaven by Max Lucado
693.- by Charles R. Swindoll – Jesus:  The Greatest Life of All
694.- Esther (Great Lives Series)
695.- David:  A Man of Passion and Destiny
696.- Elijah:  A Man of Heroism and Humility
697.- The Owner’s Manual for Christians
698.- So, You Want to Be Like Christ
699.- The Quest for Character
700.- The Strength of Character
701.- by Francis Chan – Crazy Love:  Overwhelmed by a Relentless God
702.- Forgotten God: Reversing Our Tragic Neglect of the Holy Spirit
703.- Pleasing God by R.C. Sproul
704.- Who Switched the Price Tags by Tony Compolo
705.- Born Again by Charles Colson
706.- Alone in Majesty – William MacDonals
707.- Christ’s Call to Discipleship by James M. Boice
708.- The Battlefield of the Mind by Joyce Meyer
709.- by Dutch Sheets – How to Pray for Lost Loved Ones
710.- Intercessory Prayer
711.- Authority in Prayer: Praying with Power and Purpose
712.- A Woman’s Guide to Personal Holiness by Rhonda H. Kelley
713.- Never Mind the Jones by Tim Stafford
714.- Disappointment with God by Philip Yancy
715.- by Stormie O’Martian – The Power of a Praying Woman
716.- The Power of Praying Together (w/ Jack Hayford)
717.- The Power of a Praying Parent (again)
718.- by Jack Hayford – Blessing Your Children
719.- Prayer is Invading the Impossible
720.- Blessing Your Husband by Debra Evans
721.- Covenant Marriage by Gary Chapman
722.- by Ravi Zacharias – I, Isaac, Take Thee, Rebekah
723.- The End of Reason: A Response to the New Atheists
724.- Jesus Among Other Gods:  The Absolute Claims of the Christian Message
725.- Letter to a Christian Nation by Sam Harris
726.- 101 Bible Verses That Can Save Your Life
727.- Praying the Scriptures by Judson Cornwall
728.- God’s Purpose for Every Woman by Lysa TerKeurst & Rachel Olsen
729.- Season’s of a Mother’s Heart by Sally Clarkson
730.- The Mom Walk by Sally Clarkson
731.- Our 24 Family Ways:  A Family Devotional by Clay Clarkson
732.- I’m O.K., You’re Not by John Shore
733.- The Poor Will Be Glad by Peter Greer and Phil Smith
734.- When Helping Hurts by Brian Fikkert and Steve Corbett
735.- The Success Principles by Jack Canfield
736.- The Write Brain Workbook
737.- On Writing Well by William Zinnsser
738.- Healing Oils of the Bible by David Stewart
739.- Greater Health God’s Way by Stormie O’Martian
740.- by Cheri Fuller – Through the Learning Glass:  A Child’s Nine Learning Windows You Don’t Want to Miss
741.- My Wish For You:  Blessings for Daughters by Cheri Fuller
742.- When Families Pray by Cheri Fuller
743.- 21 Days to Helping Your Child Learn
744.- 365 Ways to Develop Values in Your Child
745.- by Watchman Nee – The Release of the Spirit
746.- Let Us Pray
747.- The Normal Christian Life
748.- The Holy Spirit and Reality
749.- Spiritual Authority
750.- So You Want to Start a House Church by Frank Viola
751.- Etiquette Plus – Polishing Life’s Useful Skills by Inge P. Cannon
752.- Homesteading: A Back to Basics Guide to Growing… by Abigail Gehring
753.- Back to Basics: A Complete Guide….
754.- Deliberate Life:  The Ultimate Homesteading Guide by Nicole Faires
755.- The Green Book
756.- Green Chic by Christie Matheson
757.- Laura Ingalls Wilder: A Biography by William Anderson
758.Fiction books I want to read – by Jane Austen – Mansfield Park
759.- Pride & Prejudice
760.- Emma
761.- Persuasion
762.- Sense & Sensibility
763.- Northanger Abbey
764.- Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte
765.- Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte
766.- The Tenant of Wildfell Hall by Anne Bronte
767.- 1984 by George Orwell
768.- Little Women by Louisa May Alcott (again)
769.- The Great Gatsby (again)
770.- The Grapes of Wrath
771.- Anne of Green Gables series again – Anne of Green Gables
772.- Anne of Avonlea
773.- Anne of the Island
774.- Anne of Windy Poplars
775.- Anne’s House of Dreams
776.- Anne of Ingleside
777.- Rainbow Valley
778.- Rilla of Ingleside
779.- Chronicles of Avonlea
780.- Further Chronicles of Avonlea
781.Read with the kids – Mercy Watson to the Rescue by Kate DiCamillo
782.- Mercy Watson Goes for a Ride
783.- Mercy Watson Fights Crime
784.- Mercy Watson Princess in Disguise
785.- Mercy Watson Thinks Like a Pig
786.- by Shel Silverstein – The Giving Tree
787.- Where the Sidewalk Ends
788.- Falling Up
789.- A Light in the Attic
790.- Little House in the Big Woods by Laura Ingalls Wilder
791.- Farmer Boy
792.- Little House on the Prairie
793.- On the Banks of Plum Creek
794.- By the Shores of Silver Lake
795.- Little Town on the Prairie
796.- The Long Winter
797.- These Happy Golden Years
798.- The First Four Years
799.- On the Way Home
800.- West From Home
801.- A Little House Christmas Treasury
802.- Little House in the Highlands by Melissa Wiley
803.- The Far Side of the Loch
804.- Beyond the Heather Hills
805.- Little House by the Boston Bay
806.- Across the Puddingstone Dam
807.- Little House in Brookfield by Maria D. Wilkes
808.- Across the Rolling River by Celia Wilkins
809.- A Little House of Their Own
810.- Little House on Rocky Ridge by Roger Lea MacBride
811.- Little Farm in the Ozarks
812.- In the Land of the Big Red Apple
813.- On the Other Side of the Hill
814.- Little Town in the Ozarks
815.- New Dawn on Rocky Ridge
816.- On the Banks of the Bayou
817.- Bachelor Girl
818.- Young Pioneers by Rose Wilder Lane
819.- Nellie Oleson Meets Laura Ingalls by Heather Williams
820.- From the Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankenwiler by E.L. Konigsburg
821.Memorize a poem
822.See the 5 hour PBS version of Pride & Prejudice (thank you, Alex!)
823.Movies I want to see – Emma (1996)
824.- Anne of Green Gables
825.- Anne of Avonlea
826.- Anne of Green Gables:  The Continuing Story
827.- Bing Crosby – Anything Goes
828.- Road to Morocco
829.- Road to Singapore
830.- Road to Rio
831.- Road to Bali
832.- Road to Zanzibar
833.- Road to Utopia
834.- Road to Hong Kong
835.- The Bells of St. Mary’s
836.- The Country Girl
837.- High Society
838.- Say One for Me
839.- Robin and the 7 Hoods
840.- Don O’Connor – Francis
841.- Francis Goes to the Races
842.- Francis Goes to West Point
843.- Francis Covers the Big Town
844.- Francis in the Navy
845.- Bob Hope – College Swing
846.- Star Spangled Rhythm
847.- Fancy Pants
848.- The Iron Petticoat
849.- Off Limits
850.- The Facts of Life
851.- Eight on the Lam
852.- How to Commit Marriage
853.- Lucille Ball – The Long, Long Trailer (again)
854.- Yours, Mine and Ours (1968)
855.- Ben Stein’s Expelled
856.- Last Holiday (with Queen Latifah)
857.- Gone With the Wind
858.Host a classic movie night
859.Go one month without junk food
860.- one month without eating out
861.Lose – 5 pounds from January 2010 weight
862.- 10 pounds
863.- 20 pounds
864.- 25 pounds
865.- 30 pounds
866.Maintain a healthy weight for at least 1 year
867.Eliminate high fructose corn syrup from our family’s diet
868.Establish a healthy sleep pattern
869.Drink the recommended amount of water for 1 week
870.Walk at least 10 minutes every day for 1 week
871.- for 1 month
872.- for 1 year
873.Do 25 pushups in a row
874.Run a mile without wanting to die
875.Participate in a mini-marathon
876.Use Fit daily for 30 days
877.Use Wii Active daily for 30 days
878.Give myself a manicure
879.Give myself a pedicure
880.Paint my toenails a different color every week for 3 months
881.Create a website for A
882.Have an Etsy shop
883.Learn how to change the oil in our car
884.Send a message in a bottle
885.Leave quarters in toy/vending machines for others
886.Serve sundaes for dinner
887.Paint my nails in rainbow colors
888.Slide down a slide backwards
889.Leave funny messages on the sugar packets in restaurants
890.Win a contest
891.See a meteor shower
892.Peel a potato in under 30 seconds
893.Celebrate an obscure/random holiday  (
894.Trace down my family tree six generations
895.Sit down with my Grandma and learn something about my family I never knew before
896.- ditto with my Great-Aunt
897.- learn more about my Grandparents
898.Plan and host a special Mother’s Day lunch
899.Plan and host a special Father’s Day lunch
900.Plan a treasure hunt for the kids & guests
901.Host an big egg hunt
902.Take my parents out to dinner
903.Take A’s parents out to dinner
904.Walk in Relay for Life
905.Volunteer with Big Brothers/Big Sisters
906.Start a non-profit or ministry
907.Buy a pair of breeding goats for a family in Rwanda
908.Donate toys to a children’s hospital or pediatric wing
909.Raise money for a cause that touches my heart
910.Give a microloan (
911.Give a winning scratch off ticket to a stranger
912.Leave a gift for our mailman
913.Mail money to 5 random addresses
914.Donate winter coats for kids
915.Write a letter every week for a political cause
916.Consider volunteering with CASA in 2015
917.Fund a scholarship for something
918.Become a friend to the Hamilton County library system
919.Donate a book to a library
920.Volunteer in a homeless shelter
921.Adopt a family for Christmas
922.Cook & deliver a Thanksgiving meal for another family
923.Volunteer with Warm the Children
924.Give to the local food pantry
925.Give to the local crisis pregnancy center
926.Donate 8 hours to Habitat for Humanity
927.Donate to Locks of Love or similar
928.Find out if Meals on Wheels is in our area
929.Send a care package to a soldier overseas
930.Complete 10 shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child in one year
931.Coordinate a fundraiser for OCC
932.Sponsor an orphan
933.Donate handmade items to a charity/ministry
934.Purchase only items made in the U.S.A. for one month.
935.- one year
936.- encourage others to do so
937.Give at least 5 “just because gifts”
938.Participate in a political campaign
939.Take family wall portraits
940.Take a picture of myself daily for 1 year
941.Organize pictures on disks & computer
942.Get prints of pictures
943.Put J’s pictures in an album for her
944.Put G’s pictures in an album for him
945.Put M’s pictures in an album for her
946.Create family albums of our pictures
947.Have a family portrait done
948.- with T side of family
949.- T side cousins pics taken again
950.- A side cousins pics taken again
951.Learn to take high quality pictures with my camera
952.- take pictures of my children
953.- put said pictures into a creative arrangement
954.- take some pictures specifically for decorating our house
955.- do a Project 365 project successfully
956.- take someone else’s pictures
957.- take a truly beautiful photograph
958.- photograph my hometown
959.- publish a coffee table book of my photographs
960.- enter a photography competition
961.- photograph a storm
962.- photograph a ladybug
963.- photograph a sunset
964.- photograph a sunrise
965.- 52 portraits in a year
966.- 52 self-portraits in a year
967.- take a series of pictures inspired by scripture
968.- by quotes
969.- create a book of faces
970.- create a spectacular calendar
971.- photograph one object daily for one year
972.- photograph a waterfall
973.- photograph a creek
974.Learn about pinhole photography
975.Create a lightbox
976.Spend a day taking pictures
977.Take pictures of all the important places in my childhood
978.Do a photo essay
979.Enter my photographs in a county fair
980.Attend a photography class or workshop
981.Attend my 10th high school reunion
982.Have a family reunion type picnic
983.Throw an end of summer party
984.Throw a huge party and invite everyone I know
985.Host a tea party
986.Host a New Year’s Eve party
987.Host a family camp-out
988.Host a Super Bowl party
989.Do a Christmas Open House 2010
990.Celebrate A’s 30th birthday BIG
991.Take a long road trip with A
992.Give A a massage
993.Celebrate our 10th anniversary in a big way
994.Celebrate our 25th anniversary in an even bigger way
995.Watch the sunrise with Andrew
996.Go on one date each month with Andrew for a full year
997.  private
998.  private
999.  private
1000.  private

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